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NASC - National Final
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And The Winner Is...

Junior Solo

1st Place: Hannah Cliff (QLD)

hannahcliff (qld)

2nd Place: Kaitlin Ludwig (ACT)

kaitlin ludwig (act)

3rd Place: Madeleine Arthur (SA)

madeleine arthur (sa)

Senior Solo

1st Place: Sarah Lloyde (SA)


2nd Place: Kate McKenzie (NSW)

Kate McKenzie

3rd Place: Penny Hempenstall (VIC)

penny hempenstall (vic)

Adult Solo

1st Place: Joudita Aoun (ACT)

joudita aoun (act)

2nd Place: Miranda Simonetti (SA)

miranda simonneti (sa)

3rd Place: Loxienne Cullen (QLD)

loxienne cullen (qld)


1st Place: Feeva (VIC)

feeva (vic)

2nd Place: Lisa & Miranda (SA)

lisa&miranda (sa)


1st Place: Blush (SA)

blush (sa)

2nd Place: Desire (VIC)