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NASC - National Final
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2001 National Final...

The National Amateur Song Contest (NASC) was organised with the vision of providing amateur Australian performers with an avenue and the opportunity to showcase their talent, whilst gaining valuable stage experience. This event was created to support and encourage amateur Australian performers with their endeavours and to give them the confidence to continue striving for their dreams.

This year, the level and quality of performances has been exceptional, Australia-wide. To date, all the participants of this contest have displayed tremendous courage in and enthusiasm for what they are passionate about - performing in front of a live audience. The night of the National Final delivered the "best of the best", in an exciting competitive environment which was highly entertaining.

Star Vision Entertainment is dedicated to supporting amateur Australian performers and is proud to be organising an event that promotes Australian talent.

It is important to support Amateur Australian talent, as the amateur performers of today, will be the fresh sensation of tomorrow!

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